"I have always enjoyed a good run and any workout that involved targeting the abs! Jag and Shaun have raised the bar for anyone's gym experience! they actually care and spend time to get to know you; motivated you and push you to new limits. they do this darn good to the point of you setting new goals for yourself!
With other studios I wasn't too motivated to attend classes. It's true that I did try to drop in here and there but didn't have a personal connection to the place. Hiitbox has since become my favorite hangout!

Your inner mind suddenly starts to chant 'I can do this!'

Every class is unique to the point that you want to stay all day not to miss out of the fun. Tell me something - how many of you dread going to the gym (maybe because time is going to slowly?) You wont have that problem at HiitBox because the hour flies by too quickly and you're actually having fun!!

Since starting out at HiitBox, I feel great and notice that I am building muscle (yay!). I am really glad that I have joined HiitBox!”


—   Nivé V.

"The first time I walked into HiitBox studio I didn't know anyone. I assumed I would lose a little weight and get healthier. Not only did I lose 30 lbs but I gained muscle mass and definition and most importantly the confidence I needed to believe in myself and that I could do it!

So much so that I signed up to challenge myself to do a spartan race with a few other members as a team.
Immediately after joined the studio I gained a huge family of friends who are absolutely amazing . We all go through ups and downs in life and we support each other with our triumphs and our struggles. It truly is a wonderful bond that's created with members and trainers.

​The trainers are top notch with a contagious energy and wonderful spirit and always inspiring us to do things we never thought possible. the classes are always different and always challenging you in different ways. Never a dull moment that's for sure. This is my second home. I'm hooked on HiitBox!"


—   Mary A.

"About 2 to 3 years ago I had started to put on weight...it was a slow increase but before I knew it, I was carrying an extra 10 pounds! I felt uncomfortable and self conscious about it. Although I had always been physically active and followed a healthy diet, it was clear that I had to ​make a change. I tried different workouts and diet but had little success I would lose a couple of pounds but then put them back on again in no time.

Then, by luck, Hiitbox came into my life!! With the help of Jag and Shaun and their fantastic program (and endless enthusiasm and encouragement) I have not only conquered those stubborn 10 pounds, I have reshaped my body.
All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you Hiitbox!!!"



—  Wendy A.



"Back in January 2018, my close friend suggested we try Hiitbox.  I thought, I'll go and tell her I didn't like it, and that will be the end of it.  Well....I was hooked after my first week! 

​ This place has transformed not only my body...but my mindset!  Jag and Shaun are always there, every early morning, with a smile and encouragement.  I have yet to do the same work out twice, they are always encouraging us to keep pushing our bodies and "finish strong". 

After only 5 months,  I have lost 30 lbs and 16 inches; I know that had I not been coming here, I would not look the way I do.  So thank you to Hiitbox, for motivating us to be better than we were and helping us to know our greatness!!"



—  Joanne C.